Photographic Editing & Retouching

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Original Photograph

Example Work

Finished Work

In this picture, I cropped slightly at top and bottom. I then removed the small but distracting corners of the boats on far right and top. Next to be removed was the orange rope at top right.

Finally, I masked the main boat and increased it's colour presence and reduced the rest of the picture to greyscale.

There's a lot going on in this picture. Firstly, I removed the portion of pram, bottom right. Then I removed the 2 people centre right. I then removed the tree branch which crosses over the shoulders of the further hare.

I then adjusted brightness, contrast and finally ran the picture through some High Dynamic Range processing.

The original picture was taken at twilight, but once I saw it, I felt it actually looked as if it had been taken in daylight.

I converted to grey scale and then simply adjusted the brightness and contrast until I acheived the final result which appears to have been taken late at night.

Firstly, I cropped the left hand side of the image.This gave the image considerable height which accents the breakwater woods disappearing into the distance.

I then converted the image to black and white.

Finally, I changed the contrast and brightness to bring out the detail in the nearest woods to give the picture some interest.

This picture has only had very minimal adjustment made to the colouring, just to darken and richen the skyline.

The dog waste bin on the lower left was edited out.

Finally, I cropped the pavement at the very bottom as I felt it's different colouring to the driveway was distracting from the main picture and holding the eye from following up the driveway.

I was walking past Cologne Cathedral just before daybreak, when I noticed the spires disappearing into the mist and the floodlighting creating an eerie scene.

I only had my mobile phone with me, which wouldn't allow me to fit the whole scene in one frame. So I took 5 seperate photos, gradually moving the phone skywards. I then chose the three which are on the left. I stitched them together to create the final image on the right.

I felt that the picture on the left was simply insipid, bland and washed out.

I carefully adjusted the brightness, contrast and colouration. Finally I ran it through High Dynamic Range processing.

The photograph itself is still not particularly inspiring, but it does serve to demonstrate what can be achieved with a little effort.

This kind of scene can rarely be chanced upon and it only lasts for a short while. The dark horse with it's back to us does spoil the picture, but had I waited for it to move away, the two horses forming the central subject would also have moved.

However, as here, it doesn't always need to be a problem. I simply edited out the dark horse!

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